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We believe in true love and capturing all the little moments that make life beautiful.

Our Vision

Your wedding day is the beginning of an incredible journey where you marry your best friend, partner, and soulmate. As you celebrate your marriage, your love will deepen and grow. You will build a life that is filled with shared dreams. And years down the line, you will look back on the day when your lives intertwined, and your wedding photos will transport you back to the joy and love that radiated from your hearts the day it all began. Because these are the little moments that make up your life, and they are worth preserving.

capturing love stories since we started our own

eric & Jenn

We are high school sweethearts who have been in love for over 16 years. It feels like just yesterday that we met in our 6th period art class. I swear we blinked. Over the years, we’ve learned that love isn’t always the grand gestures. It’s about the small every day moments that most people overlook. Like Eric turning up the volume every time my favorite band comes on or running into the grocery store to get me chocolate covered pretzels - again. It’s holding each other up during hard times. It’s cuddling during scary movies. It’s falling asleep together. It’s a million little things that happen every day. And in the end, we know that growing old together will be the best thing we ever do.

16 years ago our love story began

jamie + parker

“Jenn and Eric were so fun to work with! They exceeded all our wedding photography expectations! They captured our day so beautifully and made sure to get every detailed shot and then some!"



erin + Alex

“Eric & Jenn were amazing to work with! They were very friendly, extremely knowledgeable in their craft, and consistently went above and beyond to give us the best photos!"



Alyssa + Anthony

“Eric and Jenn were recommended to us by our wedding planner, and we were so thankful we chose them. They were very sweet and went out of their way to get gorgeous shots of us."



Watching Scary Movies

We both love all things scary and can often be found cuddled up on the sofa watching a scary movie.

When we're not photographing weddings, you'll find us:

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snuggling our

Meet Reese + Maddox, our two Pomeranians. Reese is a total sweetheart, while Maddox is crazy.

When we're not photographing weddings, you'll find us:

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cooking in the kitchen

We might not be the best chefs, but we love coming together at the end of each day to cook dinner together.

When we're not photographing weddings, you'll find us:

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we continue to build eric + jenn photography and enjoy every year together.

2023 / 

we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary by renewing our vows.

2022 / 

we got married on a beautiful beach in florida and started eric + jenn photography.

2012 / 

we started dating, we went to college, and we started our life together.

2007 / 

eric + I met in our high school art class. neither of us knew where life would lead us.

2006 / 


Through the

As wedding photographers, we understand the significance of all the little moments that can easily be forgotten amidst the whirlwind of celebration. We have an unwavering commitment to capture the candid glances, the tender touches, and the heartfelt exchanges between loved ones. The intangible moments, the unspoken emotions. We are storytellers, weaving together the threads of love and joy to create a visual narrative. The ability to capture and preserve each couple’s love story is such an honor. Through photographs, you can be transported back to the laughter of friends, the tears of joy, and the gentle whisper of vows. The day that changed your life forever.

What we Do


Eric loves spooky season and all things scary. He can always be found drinking a Dr. Pepper. You'll most likely never see him without a hat. He could eat at Benihana every day for every single meal. He enjoys skateboarding and spends his days playing virtual reality. 


halloween Enthusiast

Jenn loves anything pink and keeps ChapStick in every room. She is obsessed with a band called The Maine. She spends her days reading thrillers and wearing cozy socks. She enjoys garlic cheese bread, listening to scary stories, and creating drama in The Sims.


cozy sock connoisseur

Let us capture every romantic detail of your love story and document the day you marry your best friend.

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