We are high school sweethearts, who are crazy about each other. It might seem nuts, but we are pretty much inseparable. Whether it's editing in the office or cuddled up watching a scary movie, we are always together.

We dated for five years before getting married in 2012 on a gorgeous beach in Florida. Being together for over 10 years has taught us to spoil each other, never stop dating each other, and to enjoy the little moments that make up your day to day life because that's where love is found.

it's nice to meet you

... in true love
... in marrying your best friend
... in dating for life
... in celebrating anniversaries
... in spoiling each other
... in never being too old to hold hands
... in growing old together
... in finding love in every day moments

we believe

It was 2006 and my junior year of high school. I sat in 6th period art class looking around the room when I spotted the boy that I had a huge crush on. I smiled as he walked over to talk to me. We made small talk every day before class started. We continued to talk more and more as the school year came to an end and our class work dwindled down to nothing. I felt a twinge of sadness knowing that the end of the year was approaching fast. I knew that this cute senior boy would soon graduate and move on to bigger and better things, and I would be stuck here remembering him like a distant memory. 

One day, as we were chatting, he handed me a random key that he had found on the floor. This made me laugh as I asked him “What is the key to?”

“It’s the key to my heart,” he replied with a smile.

our love story

I took the gold key from him and held onto it throughout class running my fingers over the smooth surface as I replayed his words over and over again. “It’s key to my heart.”

Class came to an end, and I looked at the key in my hand and debated whether or not to leave it on the desk. It was someone’s key after all - a key to something important. Call me crazy, but I couldn't part with it. Instead, I slipped the gold key into my pocket and took it home as a token to remember the cute boy from my art class. Someone who I didn't think I would see again. 

Little did I know that a year later, the senior boy who graduated and went off to bigger and better things would find me. He sent me a message that simply said “Hey were you in my art class?” And I swear my heart skipped a beat.

our love story

We started talking and getting to know each other more before finally hanging out when he came home from college. We saw a movie, and then sat in his car talking for hours. After I went inside, I found that gold key. The key to his heart. It’s funny how I had kept it thinking that I would never see him again, and yet here I was holding the key and feeling butterflies in my stomach.

A few months passed, and we officially started dating. One day, I told him that I had something pretty embarrassing to admit. I asked if he remembered the key. I honestly didn't think he would remember what he had said to me that day, but he did. So I admitted that I had kept the key and that I actually still had it - over a year later. 

our love story

I thought that he would think I was crazy. I mean, let's face it, I am! But instead he just laughed and said "It's awesome that you kept it this whole time. It's the key to my heart after all, so why wouldn’t you keep it for when you're ready to use it?" 

We dated for five years before getting married, and I thought I loved him more than I thought was even possible back then - even just last year, I was convinced there was no way I could ever love him more, and yet here I am even deeper in love. I have been in love with this boy since I was a teenager, and I will be in love with him until the day I die. I know that growing old with him will be the best thing that I will ever do.

our love story

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