Big Sky Barn Engagement Session | Karli + Reagan


Recently, we had the privilege of photographing an engagement session at the enchanting Big Sky Barn, and it was an absolute delight to witness and capture the love story of this gorgeous couple. With the bride’s impeccable style, radiant smile, and a playful champagne toast to cap it all off, this session was truly a fairy tale in the making.

big sky barn engagement session

Big Sky Barn is a breathtaking venue that exudes rustic elegance. Its picturesque landscapes, charming barn, and sprawling greenery make it the perfect backdrop for any love story. For Karli & Reagan, it was an ideal canvas to paint the picture of their journey towards forever.

From the moment we met Karli, we knew this session was going to be something special. Her impeccable style was evident in every detail, from her perfectly styled hair to her choice of attire. Her emerald green dress was a showstopper, a bold choice that beautifully complimented the lush, green surroundings of Big Sky Barn.

their love story

We always love to ask our amazing couples how they met and about the proposal. Karli told us that Reagan proposed with a romantic set up by the Frio River, which is one of her family’s favorite vacation spots. He proposed at sunset. And there’s nothing more romantic than a meaningful sunset proposal!

fun and playful engagement session

As the sun started to set, casting a warm golden glow across Big Sky Barn, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of magic in the air. Karli changed in another stunning dress. And her second dress was a fun sequin dress that shimmered and sparkled with every step. She also incorporated fun sunglasses that tied into the playful vibe of their engagement session.

The engagement session ended on a spirited note. And the couple popped a bottle of champagne. Their laughter filled the evening air as the cork popped, showering them in a cascade of bubbles. It was a joyful and lighthearted moment that perfectly encapsulated the essence of their relationship.

This beautiful engagement session is a reminder that love should be celebrated with joy, laughter, and a little touch of sparkle because your engagement session should be an unforgettable experience. And we can’t wait to celebrate with Karli & Reagan at their wedding later this year!

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